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Starry Night Van Gogh

Starry Night Van Gogh

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Our US-made dog collars are built to be used for years to come.

STRONGER DURABLE WEBBING: We use a top quality polyester webbing made in the USA just for us rather than the nylon used by most of our competitors because polyester repels water, is rot and mildew resistant, doesn't stretch like nylon when wet, and is 5x more abrasion-resistant than nylon.

HIGHEST QUALITY BUCKLE: We use Duraflex acetal buckles rather than more common nylon or metal buckles. Acetal buckles have higher tensile strength than nylon, resist moisture better, and perform better under freezing or arid conditions. We chose acetal over metal because metal corrodes in salt water, creating problems when dogs go swimming (as they often do in our part of the world!).

MADE IN THE USA: We design & produce the collars in our shop in downtown Carnation, Washington, using 100% US-made materials. Every piece of our collars from the webbing and thread to the buckles and D-rings are made by American workers.

DO NOT USE FOR TIE OUT: No collar configured like this should be used to tie a pet out to a fixed object.

Buttonsmith's American-made products are created with care in the small town of Carnation, Washington. We use the highest quality materials available so that you can rely on our products for years to come.


  • X-Small 3/4" width - fits 7"-10"
  • Small 3/4" width - fits 9"-13"
  • Medium Narrow 3/4" width - fits 12"-20"
  • Medium Wide 1" width - fits 12"-20"
  • Large 1" width - fits 16"-26"
  • X-Large 1" width - fits 16"-31"
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