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Black Cotton Rope Leash

Black Cotton Rope Leash

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About this product

You and your dog will be the most stylish ones on the sidewalk with this handcrafted and hand-dyed natural cotton rope leash. Made from soft and flexible 3-strand natural cotton rope, DJANGO rope leashes are hand-spliced and the ends whipped, resulting in an incredibly strong yet effortlessly chic and comfortable dog lead. Gold hardware adds additional sophistication to the stylish dog lead.

Leash length: 5 ft (152 cm) Rope diameter: 3/5 in (1.5 cm)

— Handcrafted with 3-strand natural cotton rope and natural dye
— Rope is hand-spliced to maximize rope strength and resilience
— Ends are whipped for added durability and longevity
— O-ring to attach your waste bag holder or keys
— Soft and flexible rope is easy on the hands, even with strong pullers
— Beautiful gold hardware and logo plate
— Since each leash is hand-dyed, there will be slight variations in each

CARE — Avoid use in salt water, dirt, and mud — Hand wash gently with clean, cold water and mild soap

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