About Us

Thank you for your interest in One Haute Dog.  My name is Jay and I've been involved at One Haute Dog since the very beginning.  My aunt, Karen Brown had an idea in 2015 to open up a pet boutique that would bring fashionable and quality pet products to the Pittsburgh market. Karen Brown passed away in 2021. She taught me everything I know and her taste and style are still the star of our store.

Thank you.

"Hello, I am Karen and the owner of One Haute Dog in Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh. Growing up in a family of seven, I never had a dog. In fact was even afraid of dogs - since the age of 8 when a dog chased me down the street. Fast forward 45 years to me finally discovering the love of dogs. I got my first Havanese - Mijas - and six months later decided to add a second Havanese - Marbella. I recently added a third mixed breed dog, Django.

I, like a lot of Dog Moms, enjoy spoiling my pups with unique, beautiful harnesses and collars, comfortable and stylish beds that fit in with my home decor, and stylish, designer dog clothing. To find these items I would often be forced to travel outside Pittsburgh to visit pet boutiques in others cities. I decided not long ago that it was time for Pittsburgh to have its own pet boutique and opened my own store in a luxury mall in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. One Haute Dog opened in the Fall of 2015.

We cater to people who love to dress their dog in unique, beautiful designer clothing at a reasonable price. Some of our clothing and accessories can be found in high fashion magazines on the dogs of celebrities. Visit our store and you will find fun tees for both you and your dog. We also have many types of dog carriers, from shoulder slings, backpacks and cuddle carriers to your more traditional airline carriers and strollers and so much more. When you purchase something from us, we can almost guarantee that someone will stop you to ask you "where did you get that?"

Our designer dog clothing covers all seasons, from bathing suits to coats that will keep your pup warm on those cold winter days. Take a look around, you are sure to find something you love. You don’t have to search through hundreds of items to find just what you want (like you do on some sites). Instead our site is curated to present you with what we think are beautiful, luxurious designer dog clothing and accessories.

Take a look at our gallery to see some of our customers wearing their designer dog clothes , harnesses or collars and don't forget the "designer" toys like Chewy Vuiton bags and Sniffany & Co bones.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting with us!

Karen, Mijas, Marbella and Django"